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Ajay Singh,

The  historic Delhi Gurdwaras  are set to use  green   energy for its day to day functions by tapping  solar energy in order to save environment, fight pollution and  improve air quality in Sikh Shrines in national capital New Delhi .

The renewal energy wing of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has initiated One Megawatt Solar  energy project,  which will be commissioned by 31st March 2018.The foundation stone laying ceremony called Ardas Ceremony of first such projects in Delhi Gurudwaras  will be performed at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib by Next Week  .

Initially  four Gurudwaras namely Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Gurudwara Rakb Ganj, Gurdwara Nanak Piao and Gurdwara Majnu Tk Tila will be  used to provide 1 MEGA WATT solar energy and all the rooftop solar plants will be commissioned by end of March 2018.The solar project will generate . around 4000 units per day with annual generation of approximately 1.3 million units

 said Sh Manjit Singh GK President Delhi Sikh Gurudwara  Management Committee. He said that 1 MWp solar power project reduces 1300 tons of carbon dioxide emission per year and Over 25 years, it will reduce around 30000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission in the environment.

The  installation of  1  mega watt  (Photovoltaic) system at Historic Gurudwaras in National Capital  will be the largest across Delhi Gurudwaras .  This system will replace parts of the grid power provided by the NDMC and Discoms  by  electricity generators with clean solar energy. It will allow for the Gurdwaras  to use peak hour  load during the   day. The solar project will work on Photo Voltaic Effects and around 3125 solar panels will be placed on roof tops of these Gurudwaras for tapping cheap and clean power  said Manjit Singh GK President Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee here today.

The project was awarded to a company in open national competitive bidding in which around 50  prestigious companies participated  and was awarded on lowest bidding  Manjit Singh GK said . Power purchase agreement  has been  signed with power producer and the DSGMC  is likely to  save approximately rupees 60 lakhs every year, on power tariff on commissioning of project in Sikh Shrines.

The energy generation capacity of solar project will be increased from 1 MW to 2 MW capacity to meet growing future demands of these sikh shrines and bring additional sikh shrines under the net of clean energy in coming years and further  lessen the dependency on  power supplied by Discoms said  Harjit Singh GK, head Renewable energy wing DSGMC.

“The DGSMC had set up “Renewable Energy Wing” in May 2017 to explore the viability of tapping renewable energy for Delhi Gurudwaras in order to save the environment and lessen the power utility bills. Along with 1 MWp solar project, other energy saving measures like biogas project, langar waste management, water saving management and HVAC energy saving projects are also getting implemented to live up to our sustainability commitments by taking real and measurable actions.

This project is the tribute to Seventh Guru, Sri Har Rai ji whose love for the nature and teaching for its perseverance inspire us to love and take care of the environment. Sikh Environment Day on every 14th March reminds us about our commitment for environment. It all began with a noble vision to implement renewable energy sources and create a message for addressing the need of the hour. A message for the community and society for the adoption of eco-friendly renewable sources to save the environment, fight against pollution and create love for nature. It’s great to see that ‘Renewable Energy Wing’ of DSGMC has come a long way from the conception of this project to begin the actual execution of the project.


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