Thursday, 16 Aug 2018

Mavani : A wannabe messiah in the company of traitors

Mavani : A wannabe messiah in the company of traitors

The wannabe Dalit messiah, Jignesh Mevani, seems busy tying himself in knots‘ instead of taking on the Narendra Modi government for its gross ineptitude and mismanagement

of the economy, he is entering into a territory in which the Bharatiya )anata Fatty {BMW and its followers are strongestwemotive issues. To make the matters worse for himse“ anti

other anti~BJP elements, his fraternization with unsavory e\ements \ike due-Leftism and Muslim fundamentalists will play in the hands of the saffron estabiishment.

Then there are the saffron cowboys who hiring a bad name to the government and the tountry. _

is The folks like Nevani and Hardil: Patel, and the new spyightlinoss in the Congress, is the product and function of Modi’s bad policies and poor governamca. Modi messed up. so they came to the fore. But now, they are messing up. Especially Movani.

In his bid to get-successful~quick, Mevani has tied up with Islamists. He has admitted to accepting Rs. 51,309 as a donation from the Popular Front of India (PFI), the tenor“ linked body in Keraia. His excuse? ”If PF! is a dubious group, than what is the man with a 56-inch chest doing? Why has there been no action from him?” ’ F i

In a was, Eevani has given a clean chit to the organization accused of spreading the ‘ ideology of ai-Qaeda and the Islamic State. But this is like saying that just because a lower -, good: has acquitted the accused in the 26 case in a bad judgment, there was no wrong~ ;: 1“ doing invoived in spectrum allocation. Of just because Modi, because of some political “takuiations, is not acting against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhii Robert Vadra, P. : .‘ Ehidambaram, ate” in UPA scams, they had no involvement. Perhaps, they were not -. _1iris€ol¥e§i but this can be known only after they are tried and acquitted. The Modi ‘ gosernrnent, on its part, has done iittle to bring them to book. It is senior BJP leader and ‘ 1 . Rajys Sabha men-riser Bubramanian Swarny who is doing the job that the government


‘ -. 5593B have been doing.

‘ Pei-then Mevani, iiize others, hasn’t come up with any positive agenda for the Dalits whom he ziaims to represent and the country at large. Instead, all of them have decided to “light suitors wars-the wars which, ’35 i mentioned earlier, the BJP fights with nnmsrlcahls . deaotasa’ity, A first information repay: or FIR. has been filed against him for inciting violence “in a “provocative speechfin response, he sa’d. “Not a word in my speech is inflammatmlii i did not even go to the spot of Bhims-Koregaon event. Despite being iii Maharashtra, I did not participate in the handh organized by the Dal’ts.”

0n *5! iegai scrutiny wii prove, and a court of law of wi ! decided whether he is correct“ but what 5 incl soutabie s the fact that he is seen regu ariv with the bmahdndéa gang:A messeh can i~of‘ord to be ‘n the company of traitors.


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