Friday, 25 May 2018
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Opposition’s monumental folly

Opposition’s monumental folly “The responsibility of maintaining our heritage should not remain only with some babus, we want corporate, public/private individuals to take care of the monuments.” Tourism Minister explained The Opposition, along with the Left-liberals, is working hard to expose itself as Pavlovian and petty. Pavlovian because whatever it says smacks of reflex action rather than reflection; and petty […]

Jaitley revived tax terrorism

Jaitley revived tax terrorism The Finance Ministry’s mandate is to shepherd the economy, boost growth, & galvanize development. However, it has become the enemy of the economy. In the 1972 Hindi film Amar Prem, Kishore Kumar sings for Rajesh Khanna a popular song Chingari koi bhadke… The last stanza has an interesting thought: mazadhaar mein […]

Dalit tourism: When defeat finds a parent

  Dalit tourism: When defeat finds a parent   Ravi Shanker Kapoor |  May 20, 2018 |  Politics Bharatiya Janata Party Parliamentarian Udit Raj is right in slamming his own party leaders’ stunt of eating at Dalit homes. This practice “neither empowers the Dalit families nor benefits the politicians. Rahul Gandhi is an example of it.” It is actually […]

Smriti, Kovind locked horns over National Film Awards

Smriti, Kovind locked horns over National Film Awards Controversy shrouded the 65th National Film Awards ceremony with 56 out of the 140 honorees skipping it on Thursday. It was the result of disagreement between Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting not being on the same page. Both continued to issue contradictory statements […]

Jaitley’s goal in life (a poem)

Jaitley’s goal in life (a poem) If you speak, I’ll tax speech If you don’t, I’ll tax silence If you score well, I’ll tax high score If you fare bad, I’ll tax low grades If you eat, I’ll tax food If you don’t, I’ll tax starvation If you drink, I’ll tax drinks If you don’t, […]

‘Congress move on CJI has backfired’

‘Congress move on CJI has backfired’ Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy is a crusader against corruption and an eminent economist. He spoke to Ravi Shanker Kapoor on a variety of issues. Excerpts from the interview:   How do you view the Congress’ impeachment move against Chief Justice of India […]

The new Bhakti Movement

The new Bhakti Movement Jawaharlal Nehru had (and still has) his admirers, Indira Gandhi her sycophants, and Sonia Gandhi her toadies. Narendra Modi is one up on all of them; he has admirers, sycophants, toadies—and a zillion bhaktas. He is the only Prime Minister who has bhaktas, perhaps the only big leader in Independent India who has […]

Continuous claptrap

Continuous claptrap  Ravi Shanker Kapoor |  April 10, 2018 | The Indian military complaining about shortage of funds when a soldier-worshipping, super-nationalist party is in office sounds incongruous, but the incongruities are an integral part of India. “The 2018-2019 Budget has dashed our hopes… The marginal increase barely accounts for inflation and does not even cater for […]